On Georgia Tech Giving Day the whole Tech community will come together to show their Yellow Jacket pride and support Roll Call. This is the sixth annual Georgia Tech Giving Day, and this year we are counting on alumni and friends to help us spread the word far and wide. We are looking for Giving Day Ambassadors – volunteers who will reach out to their Georgia Tech friends and family and urge them to take part in this special event.

As an ambassador, you will have access to exclusive sharable content, a dashboard that lets you track your efforts in real time, and guided outreach strategies to help you maximize your impact. Top performing ambassadors can even unlock money for a qualifying student organization of their choice!

Register to be a Georgia Tech Giving Ambassador today. Show your pride, support Roll Call, and help ensure the best-in-class Tech experience is preserved and enhanced for current and future students.

Questions? Email rollcall@alumni.gatech.edu.